How Resort Owners Can Mitigate Unsightly Water Build Up

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Flooding is the last thing hotel and resort managers want to face. If there is flooding within the resort, it can lead to serious issues and potentially catastrophic damage. You want to take every possible safety measure to prevent flooding from occurring and help effectively manage water runoff.

Here are some solutions to consider to help with water management and flood prevention on the resort's property:

The Importance of Water Management

Water management resorts

When water runoff collects on the ground, with nowhere to go, it leads to areas of standing water. Standing water, over time, can begin to cause damage; ground erosion, mold, mildew, bacteria growth, and more. It also creates serious hazards around a resort: it creates slick surfaces that can cause guests or employees to fall and injure themselves, and bacteria growth can lead to fungal infections like Athlete's foot becoming more likely.

Water management is the most effective way to prevent serious issues from occurring.

There are many options you can consider, including:

Catch Basins

Catch basins are one of the most well-known and effective methods of water and flood management. On the surface, there is a slotted drain connected to a collection box, with a buried drain pipe that diverts water runoff into the appropriate outlet. Water runoff enters through the top, passes through the collection box, and exits the pipe into the designated outlet.

For a catch basin to be effective, you want to place it on a low part of the property, where runoff naturally occurs. A swale can help direct water to the catch basin.

French Drain

French drain

French drains are one of the oldest drainage systems. These subsurface structures help divert water by using its natural flow, taking it from the highest point to the lowest. French drains have an underground barrier trench made from a gravel bed, which helps create an easier route for the water. The trench guides the water to a perforated pipe located at the bottom, and the water then gets transported to a connected outlet, which could be a storm sewer, sump, cistern, or swale.

Rain Barrels or Cisterns

Rain barrels are large containers typically attached to the end of a downspout. They store rainwater for later use and come in many shapes and sizes, usually holding about 50 gallons of water. A larger cistern can hold even greater quantities, making them ideal for large resorts. This inexpensive solution allows you to take a more environmentally- friendly approach to rainwater management. You can use the water collected in the barrels or cistern to water the lawn and gardens around the resort.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens

A rain garden is a more creative form of water management. Rain gardens are a depressed area within the landscape that collects rainwater from roofs, driveways, or streets and allows the water to soak into the ground. Rain gardens are filled with grasses and flowering perennials to create an attractive area and help with water filtration. The functionality of these gardens is dependent on the permeability of the natural soil. If the soil is not adequate, an underdrain is necessary to discharge the filtered water.

Permeable Pavers

For an effective and attractive solution to water management, consider using permeable pavers in your resort's design. Permeable pavers are a durable, environmentally-friendly solution that is extremely effective. Pavers take the place of traditional concrete or asphalt and feature a unique design that allows them to act as a sponge for water runoff. Water gets permeated into the pavers and enters the ground, effectively taking care of the issue.

Slot Drain

Slot Drain Water management resorts

A discreet and effective solution for drainage issues is the Slot Drain System 7000 Series. Slot Drain offers an alternative to traditional trench drains; the system features a sleek, linear design with a slim opening that does not require an unattractive drain cover and blends seamlessly with walkways and paved areas.

The system has impressive flow rates, which makes it capable of handling even the most significant amounts of water runoff, and it is durable enough to ensure that the system can take heavy traffic. The stainless steel design also provides bacteria resistance, ensuring bacteria and mold do not form, and helping to maintain a clean and sanitary space.


Water Management Essentials

Flooding and water runoff can cause problems on a resort's property. From potentially costly property damage to serious safety issues, anything can happen without proper management. The simple solution to avoid these issues is by incorporating effective methods of water management. There are many effective options to consider– like Slot Drain.

A drainage system will help with rainwater and flooding and water from pools, hoses, and more. Combining a drainage system with one or two other management methods will further ensure the resort is protected from the damaging effects of floodwater.