Outdoor Drainage Grates: A Better Alternative with Less Maintenance

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Standing water is a common issue for homeowners that can result from many issues. Improper grading, overwatering, non-porous soils, heavy rain, and valleys in your yard can all lead to standing water. It’s an issue you can't ignore.

The longer these puddles remain, the more problems they can cause – from more minor issues like tracking mud into the house, to potentially serious mold and foundation issues. The most effective solution to standing water issues is to install a landscape drainage system that uses outdoor drainage grates.

Landscape Drainage

Landscape drainage refers to how water flows in a specific area. Two factors affect landscape drainage: the land or grading, and the soil type.

Grading is the most critical factor for landscape drainage. The ideal grading of your home will see the water moving away from your home, from a high point to a lower collection point. A flat yard will not allow water to escape, which results in standing water. The wrong slope can see water flowing towards your house rather than away, potentially leading to flooding and foundation damage.

Soil types refer to the size of various soil particles, with three basic sizes: sand, silt, and clay. Soils that are sandy or rocky tend to drain faster than clay soils because of their larger particle sizes. With clay, soil forms a dense mass that prevents drainage, leading to standing water issues.

You can eliminate standing water issues by installing a landscape drainage system, such as a trench drain that uses an outdoor drainage grate.

What Are Outdoor Drainage Grates?

There are many forms of landscape drainage: French drains, dry creeks, permeable pavers, and rain gardens are just some of the options that are available. They can be effective options but aren't always the best for everyone. Options like a trench drain with a grate cover are a more effective solution since they can handle large amounts of water.

An outdoor drain grate is a heavy-duty metal cover with cut-outs that allow water to pass through. The cover sits on top of the trench drain to prevent large debris from passing through and keeping the drain from working efficiently.

What They Are Used For?

Rain gardens

Drainage systems like trench drains require an outdoor drainage grate to cover the drainage channel. Without a cover, the drain channel is open to debris of all sizes, which can result in the system becoming backed up and preventing it from working efficiently. Smaller debris can still get past an outdoor drainage grate, but significantly less debris will get into the system. A catch basin can also help to catch other debris and prevent back-ups in the drain channel.

An outdoor drainage cover doesn't just protect the drain channel; it also protects the people who walk or drive over it. If the drain is left uncovered, someone can get their foot stuck in the opening and fall, resulting in a serious injury. When a system is in the driveway, a car or bicycle tire may suffer damage since nothing supports it as it passes over that spot.

Maintaining the Aesthetics

Outdoor drainage grates are typically more about the system design than the grate cover. When looking for attractive outdoor drainage grates, you need to use a high-quality option that can withstand traffic and the elements. It is also essential to ensure that it works well with your chosen system.

To avoid any issues, choose one company that meets all your needs. Landscape Drains's Trench Drain system is a linear system designed to withstand large amounts of water with ease. The system and the drain grate are flush with the surface, making it safe for any form of traffic to pass over.


Beyond the design of the trench drain, Landscape Drains also offers three decorative grate cover options. These are designed to work with the trench drain from Landscape Drains in order to ensure a perfect fit that will not compromise the function of the drain.

You can also customize the pan lid that comes with the catch basin to make sure that everything flows seamlessly with your overall landscape design. The outdoor drain grates are made of the same highly-durable stainless steel as the rest of the drainage system so that it will stand up to the elements.

Drainage with Design

Drainage is a critical aspect of landscape design. You can suffer from issues without proper drainage, from soil erosion to foundation damage. Trench drains are the most effective and efficient form of drainage, and the grate covers they come with are typically unattractive and can take away from the overall aesthetics of your design.

Choosing Landscape Drains means that you will not only get a highly reliable drainage system, but you will also have the ability to ensure your outdoor drainage grates do not clash with your landscaping design. Contact us today to discover more about the best drains available for your landscaping project.