The Best Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

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When it comes to getting around, cars are the most preferred method. Unlike public transportation, they allow owners to come and go as they please, without long waits or extended routes. Along with the preference for cars comes the need for parking lots.


It is essential to design your parking lot correctly; it needs to be comfortable to navigate, offer enough space for customers and visitors, and, most importantly, have sufficient drainage. Without proper drainage measures in place, it is not just your parking lot that will suffer; it is also your business.

Here are some common parking lot drainage issues–and some options to help eliminate them.

Most Common Parking Lot Drainage Issues

While there are many possible parking lot drainage issues, these are the three most common you may encounter:

1. Water is Flowing Towards Your Store or Office

If your parking lot lacks certain features, like curbs and a slope, rainwater runoff can flow in the direction of your office or store. This runoff can make it difficult for customers to make it to the door, and can result in serious damage to your sidewalk and foundation over time.

2. Water Pools in Certain Areas of the Parking Lot

Another sign of poor drainage in a parking lot is pooling water. When water pools, it means there is nowhere for it to go, so it just sits in the same spot. This is an issue for many reasons: not only will the asphalt deteriorate over time and cause the area of pooling water to grow, but it also creates a significant health hazard due to the contaminants found in stormwater runoff.

While the solution to water pooling can depend on the root cause of the issue, one of the most common solutions is to improve the slope of the lot to help direct the water to an appropriate outlet.

3. Water is Causing Erosion

Standing water is the most damaging issue you can have with your parking lot. Over time, standing water will eat away at the asphalt and create potholes that will only grow if the issue isn't resolved. Potholes not only make for an unattractive lot, but they also create a dangerous situation for drivers. When snow or water fills the pothole, drivers or customers walking through the parking lot will have no idea how deep the hole is, which can result in injury or damage to their vehicle.

Possible Drainage Options

The best solution for pooling water and protecting your parking lot is to install a parking lot drainage system. Here are some parking lot drainage solutions to consider:

Standard Catch Basins


One option for parking lot drainage systems is standard catch basins, which temporarily allow stormwater to pass through. It is an affordable and effective solution ideal for smaller areas. While effective, it may struggle with larger amounts of water, and these parking lot drainage grates can sometimes deteriorate over time and need replacing.

Concrete-Encased Drainage Basins

Commercial parking lot drainage systems offer more durability than standard catch basins. They are ideal for high-traffic areas, since parking lot drain grates will withstand more wear and tear. A concrete-encased catch basin will have a higher initial investment cost, which is important to keep in mind.

Trench Drainage Basins

Trench drainage basins are another great option for commercial parking lot drainage systems. They work great for shopping malls and other large areas. A trench drainage basin requires grate covers, which can deteriorate over time, depending on the material. Installing them after your parking lot is already in place requires extensive excavation.

French Drains

In terms of aesthetics, French drains are one of the most attractive parking lot drainage solutions. It is also less obvious than other options since you can cover a French drain with attractive landscaping. Planning French drains also takes time and requires a great deal of digging.

Quality Drainage from Landscape Drains

Landscape Drains has high-quality parking lot drainage solutions.

Trench Drain


For large parking lots that may struggle with larger amounts of water runoff, a Landscape Drains Trench Drain may be the solution.

This sleek, linear system features a durable stainless steel construction, making it safe for any parking lot application. Unlike other parking lot drainage grates, the Landscape Drains Trench Drain grate locks into place and offers decorative designs for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

For further security, the system works with the Landscape Drains catch basin and strainer basket, which helps to catch smaller objects that may fall into the system.

Slot Drain


Another option from Landscape Drains is the Slot Drain system, a modernized take on the trench drain. It is similar to a Trench Drain, but the Slot Drain doesn’t require a grate cover. This allows the system to blend more seamlessly with the asphalt, to become virtually invisible. The 7,000 Series is ideal for parking lot drainage and uses durable stainless steel.

Ensuring Proper Parking Lot Drainage with Landscape Drains

Having a safe and functional parking lot is essential for any business. It is the first thing customers have to go through to get to your office or business, and if the parking lot is uncomfortable or in bad shape, they will keep driving. Take the time to ensure your parking lot is designed well; it should have the proper slope and curbs to help control the movement of water runoff.

Most importantly, you want to have a reliable drainage system in place for water management. That way, your parking lot will remain drier and free from damage, and your customers will be happier. Contact our drainage specialists today for more on the options Landscape Drains offers!