The Importance of Easy Clean Landscape Drain Boxes

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When you want to protect your property and prevent damage from water runoff, the best solution is a drainage system. Drainage systems help move water away from the surface and to a designated outlet, to significantly minimize issues like landscape and foundation damage.

A drainage system is not a complicated piece of equipment, but with so many different options, knowing the differences and what each offers is important. For a backyard, you want something that is both attractive and reliable and can handle the runoff. One feature you want to include with your system is a landscape drain box.

What is a Landscape Drain Box?

A drainage system has two main parts: the main drainage channel and the drain box commonly called a catch basin. The catch basin is located at the end of the system and consists of a box inset into the ground and covered by a grate. They are typically 1-foot by 1-foot in size, and depths vary depending on the application. Landscape drain boxes also come in various materials, including metal and concrete.


Drain boxes are typically installed under the downspout of a property, where they can catch the rainwater and any small debris as it falls to the ground.

Why Are Drain Boxes Important?

A catch basin is vital in helping to prevent standing water, which can be highly damaging to your property. Standing water can cause soil erosion, foundation issues, insect infestations, foul odours, and other more serious issues.

Landscape drain boxes also help prevent a drainage system from becoming clogged with leaves and other small debris. When a system becomes clogged, it will not handle water runoff efficiently and may even flood over, which defeats the purpose of having a drainage system.

With a drain box, the grate catches the largest debris and prevents it from entering the system. Smaller debris, like leaves, can still get past the grate but will get caught by the strainer basket inside the box, trapping it while still allowing the water to flow freely towards the rest of the channel and in the direction of the designated outlet. This not only allows the system to continue to work effectively but also prolongs the life of the drainage system.

Creating the Perfect Drainage Setup

There are many possible combinations of drainage systems and catch basins. Different systems can fit different needs, so you must take the time to consider everything available in order to make the best choice. A homeowner will have different needs than a business, just as larger properties or areas with heavier rainfall may need more support than others.

Landscape Drains is a company that provides landscape drainage solutions that can work for any situation. They offer two different drainage systems: the slot drain and the trench drain.

Both systems are similar in that they feature a highly durable, linear drain channel with high-flow capacities. The trench drain features a wider opening, covered by a grate, which makes it ideal for areas where there are more significant amounts of water runoff to manage. The Landscape Drain slot drain system features a slimmer channel that does not require a grate cover. The slot drain also features a high-flow capacity, but the slimmer opening makes it more discreet, allowing it to blend with any surrounding hardscape easily.

While there are differences between these two systems, there are also many similarities, including the ability to add a catch basin to either system.

Landscape Drains’ Catch Basin and Pan Lid

The catch basin from Landscape Drains features a highly durable design. They offer their landscape drain box in two sizes, a smaller 6-inch by 6-inch and a slightly larger 6-inch by 12-inch, which are about 12 inches deep. They include a strainer basket that has small holes which help to catch the debris while letting the water pass with ease. The drain boxes come with a standard 3/8-inch T304 stainless steel lid, but for a more aesthetically pleasing design, you can also choose a customized pan lid to fit your overall aesthetic better.


Combined with either the slot drain or trench drain system, the catch basin significantly eliminates the risk of the drainage system becoming clogged with debris. This combination is also easy to clean and maintain, particularly with how easy it is to remove the pan lid.

Catch Basins Let the Water Flow

A drainage system is essential in managing water runoff and preventing issues such as flooding, erosion, and foundation damage. For a system to be effective, you need to not only choose the right one but also take steps to keep it working efficiently. Landscape drain boxes are one key element to that efficiency. Without a drain box, a system can easily become clogged with debris, leaving water unable to drain, which can, in turn, result in flooding.

The combination of a catch basin and drainage system from Landscape Drains is the best way to protect your property from water runoff. Contact Landscape Drains today to learn more about easy cleanup drain boxes.