5 Tips for Choosing a Landscape Drainage Company

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The arrival of warmer weather is typically the signal to stop ignoring your yard and start getting it back into shape. Unfortunately, with the warmer weather comes something that can destroy all that hard work if your yard isn't protected: rain. 

Water is essential for plants to thrive, but too much water can leave you with a mud-filled yard and dead plants. To prevent this, you need reliable landscape drainage from a reputable company. Knowing which company is reputable can be difficult, but here are 5 tips to help you choose from the many landscape drainage companies that can help you protect your yard from rain and flooding. 

Why Landscape Drainage is Important

flooded yard or lawn with puddle and water and fence

When water has nowhere to go, it can collect in the dips in your yard, especially if the soil is already overly saturated. This is especially true with heavy rainfall, which can also cause flooding. Standing water can lead to a whole host of damage issues like muddy lawns, dead grass, and plants, icing mosquitoes and other pests, and, more seriously, harmful bacteria, including E. Coli and Cholera. It can also create parasitic infections like Giardiasis and more. 

Standing water can also lead to soil erosion, which can make your yard unattractive, harm plants, and collect even more water. Water can also collect near your home, which can lead to foundation damage, mold, wood rod, and even water seeping into your basement.

5 Tips for Choosing a Landscape Drainage Company

Close up of backyard Drainage inlet

Choosing a company to help with drainage issues can be difficult, with so many companies competing for your business. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

1. See How Long They've Been in Business

For some services and products, you can get away with giving a new company a chance. When it comes to your landscape drainage, it’s a different story. This is one scenario where you want a company with at least a decade's experience. By choosing an experienced company with a longer history, you are getting someone whose products are tried and tested and that has reviews on their effectiveness and reliability. 

2. Check the Company's Reviews

A company's years in business aren't the only thing to look for. You also want to check for reviews on Google and other business listings to see what people have to say about the business. Choosing an experienced company with positive reviews to match is essential to ensuring you get the best landscape drainage system possible.

3. Find Examples of Their Products and Work 

Look at the company's website and see if there is an area for customer testimonials or case studies that will allow you to look deeper into the company, beyond the average review, and see visual examples of their work. Case studies may also provide in-depth information on a project's purpose, so you can get an idea of the company's knowledge and expertise in landscape drainage.

4. Request Price Quotes

You never want to say yes to a company without asking for a quote. Quotes are especially important if you are comparing multiple companies. Ideally, the prices should be within the same range if the companies are all reputable and have similar products and years in business. While a low price may look like a steal, it should raise flags, and the same goes for too-high quotes. To get a good idea, choose three companies to see how their quotes compare, and note the differences between them. 

5. Look for the Best Products

Many companies claim to be the best. For that to be true, they have to have the best products. That means high-quality, durable systems that are built to last. 

Landscape Drains is one such company. They offer the Trench Drain and Slot Drain. These systems mainly use T304 and T316 stainless steel in their construction, to create a sleek, durable system that can withstand the elements and any chemicals you may use to treat your landscaping. The Landscape Drains products also have heavy-duty load class capabilities and are compatible with cleaning systems like clean-in-place, which makes maintaining the system easier.

landscape trench drains

Stress-Free Landscape Drainage Companies


Picking a landscape drainage company shouldn't be stressful. Don't put this task off, especially as warmer weather sets in; you don't want to have a rainstorm destroy your beautiful yard, and give you even more work, which would make everything more expensive. While it may seem stressful at first, with these 5 tips, finding the perfect landscape drainage company will be easy. 

When you want one of the best companies to solve your landscape drainage issues, turn to Landscape Drains. Their innovative solutions are effective and feature sleek designs that complement any yard.

Contact the team at Landscape Drains today to learn more about our products and start solving your drainage issues!